WCSD Volunteer Services Weekly Update

Holland and Hart Book Drive

On Friday March 28, 2014, from 10 am – 11 am the Holland & Hart book drive was held at Holland & Hart, Reno, NV.

VISTA’s participating were Olivia Callison & Mick Lount, Photos/Reporter.


Invited by WCSD Volunteer Services to organize a Book Drive for the benefit of local schools, once again, the legal firm of Holland & Hart were only too happy to oblige and their magnificent efforts resulted in a total of approximately 1,400 books being donated to be distributed throughout the Washoe County School District.

With more than 30 attorneys in their Reno office, they provide tailored and cost-effective representation through the value of local experience along with the resources of their regional offices across the Mountain West & Washington D.C., to advise on a wide range of legal issues facing businesses in Nevada and the West.

Adapted from “Holland & Hart” Company Overview by: Mick R Lount


We would like to raise our collective hats with a special mention to James Newman and Marcia Filipas along with all their wonderful staff for their sterling efforts in this worthwhile cause.

027 - Copy

James Newman, Marcia Filipas, VISTA Olivia Callison & Sarah Hall

029 - Copy

With VISTA Olivia Callison, The wonderful staff at Holland & Hart


Thank you all so very much, you are awesome.


Form a Rainbow for Your Child

Just in case your child asks you, how is a rainbow formed, here is how in this science video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXccpwytjL8



Nevada Kick Start Program

On Thursday March 27. 2014, from 11:30 am – 2:30 pm the Kick Start Program was held at Volunteer Services at 494 Poplar St., Reno, NV

Participating were Americorp VISTA’s:  Media Wright, Maggie Culpepper, Mick Lount , Photos/Reporter and Dr. Pam Elges, WCSD Training Coordinator.

002 - Copy - Copy

Program Navigator Theresa Navarro

Bi-lingual Theresa Navarro came to us from AARP and has been a very valuable member since she joined the Washoe County School District Volunteers Services team and is now the Navigator for the Kick Start Program which helps to start a college savings fund for all kindergarten students from Title 1 schools.

What an amazing financial opportunity for the children of our community coming from low-income families to have a college fund starting at such an early age with nothing coming out of their, or their parent’s pockets.


Volunteers Prepare the Gift Bags

On this day 14 Volunteers and Navigators from a variety of community agencies gathered together at the Poplar Street office to assemble gift bags for the Nevada Kick Start Program which encourages parents of kindergarten children to begin saving money for college.

This program is for all Kindergarten students in the State of Nevada who will all receive a $50 college bank account from the Secretary of the Treasurer’s office and included in the gift bags, students will discover a T-Shirt, pencil, a booklet entitled ‘Little by Little’ from the SSgA Upromise 529 Plan, which is a College Savings Account, and a Blue Piggy Bank to get their savings under way.


Some of the approximately 150 gift bags ready for delivery

Even though space is extremely limited at the Volunteers Services Center, the assembled volunteers succeeded in producing over 150 Kick Start gift bags for Matthews and Cannan Elementary Schools.


A job well done



Free Book Giveaways

Shoppers Square Mall on Plumb Lane is offering kids a free book along with a visit to the Easter Bunny daily through Sunday, April 20. “We feel books are a healthy alternative to candy to give to the kids,” said executive secretary Linda Anderson.  “The kids and their parents get excited, and all of us employed here have a lot of fun watching kids look at all the books to pick out the one that they like best.”

Another giveaway is happening on Sunday April 20 at the Great American Authors Expo at the Peppermill. The first 100 children under age five will get a free book with paid adult admission. The event, which starts Friday, aims to connect publishers, authors, and readers.

Comic Kingdom on Moana Lane will give free comics to kids and adults on Saturday, May 3 as part of Free Comic Book Day. This year’s event will be the biggest ever, with retailers across the world offering 60 titles for readers to choose from.

Bess the Book Bus, a mobile literacy outreach program, is coming to Reno this Saturday, April 19 in the parking lot of Grassroots Books from 4-6:30 pm.  The visit is part of a 35-state tour which aims to give away more than 100,000 books to kids across America.

Hearing about the upcoming giveaways, local Read & Succeed teacher Karen McGee said, “Reading aloud to children is the single most important activity that adults can do with children to help them become literate.”



From Superintendent’s Friday Minute

I want to pass along some wonderful news.  A dedicated, creative, and hard-working team of engineering students from AACT won the national NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge in Alabama this past weekend, beating out nearly 100 other schools across the country! They also won the Neil Armstrong Best Design Award at the competition. Competing against nearly 100 other high schools and colleges from all over the world, the AACT team achieved the fastest time for assembling the vehicle and driving over more than ½ mile of rock, gravel, sand, and other materials which simulate the formations found on other planets. I would like to acknowledge the hard-work and dedication from the great faculty advisors at AACT which include Jim Cooney, Addison Wilhite, Greg Burge, Danielle Wayman, Travis Carr, and Franz Nenzel along with UNR advisors Dan Ruby and Casey Clark. Congratulations AACT on this impressive accomplishment!

I am happy to report that our Board of Trustees approved the installation and upgrade of our existing Information Technology (IT) infrastructure which will provide wireless connectivity in every classroom. By leveraging technology effectively and efficiently, this project aligns with our strategic plan. Having wireless connectivity in each of our classrooms will help our students with skills such as communications, collaboration, creativity, innovation, and critical thinking, making them better prepared for college and highly skilled careers. A timeline for the installation is being developed based on District priorities with anticipated completion in two to three years. This is a great win for both our students and teachers!


Washoe County School District
Volunteer Services

To learn more about Volunteer Opportunities with WCSD please go to:  http://www.washoecountyschools.org/volunteering or call: 775-348-0346.


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