Office of Service-Learning & Civic Engagement Donations

On Wednesday,  September 25, 2013, at 10:30 am, WCSD Volunteer Services received donations from the Office of  Service-Learning & Civic Engagement from UNR.

Participation were Lauren Greeney, Mary Martini and Mick Lount, photos.

Mary Martini & Lauren Greeney

Mary Martini & Lauren Greeney

So there we all were, the WCSD Volunteer Services occupants at 494 Poplar St. going about our daily tasks when suddenly, there was a home-made knock upon the door and lo and behold there stood two lovely ladies from the Office of  Service-Learning & Civic Engagement from UNR (University of Nevada Reno.)   Lauren, Faculty Liaison and Mary, Student Liaison, based at UNR, introduced themselves as VISTA’s helping to raise school supplies.

Mary explained, “the OSLCE is committed to helping our community partners.  WCSD was our spotlight partner for the beginning of the school year and the UNR community came together to provide supplies for volunteer trainings.”

Special thanks to the Multicultural Greek Council (MCG) who provided a large portion of the supplies donated which included 200 water bottles.

About MGC:  The Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) is the governing body and policy-making organization of the University of Nevada Multicultural system. Established in 2007, the MGC was formed in order to launch a move diverse cooperative existence between sorority and fraternal orders to better meet their individual and joint needs and voice their concerns while maintaining good faith with the University.

Mary Martini & Lauren Greeney

Mary Martini & Lauren Greeney

We wish to thank the OSLCE for their generous donations to our department, which is a great support our staff and volunteer trainings.

To learn more about Volunteer Opportunities with WCSD please go to: or call: 775-348-0345.

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Volunteer Services





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