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Think, Learn, Succeed

Thought this was interesting and may be helpful for you:




How to Make Learning Fun for Your Kids

Many kids today do not get involved in learning challenging educational subjects because they perceive it to be boring and time-consuming. You can change this perspective by adding little touches of fun to their learning journey. Wouldn’t it be nice if your child wanted to learn everyday even without your supervision?

Include Yourself in the Fun

One important step to make learning fun is to set a positive example for learning. Your kids would want to read a book if they see you reading one with enjoyment and consistency. You are your kids’ idol and whatever they see you do, they follow. Learn the alphabet or count numbers with them. Join them in their memorization of their favorite nursery song. By including yourself in the fun, learning is encouraged.

Involve Them in Educational Games

Learning does not have to be just hours of sitting, writing and reading. You can convert the lessons into games. The kids can pretend that they are word pirates in search for the alphabet treasure. They can join you in a game of scrabble or word factory. If you want to know what educational games are available for appropriate ages and genders, ask your family pediatrician or a child psychologist.

Integrate Competitions

If you have three kids in the family who are more or less on the same learning level, you can encourage them to compete. They could race for a chocolate ice cream treat by blurting out all the 5-letter words that they can remember. If siblings are not available, they have friendly competition with classmates or church pals. Not only do competitions make learning fun, they also encourage camaraderie.

Invest in Educational Toys and Gadgets

We can’t deny that the current world is full of technological advancements. They need to be educated with these gadgets as early as possible. For toys, there are those that deal with shapes, numbers, and letters. You could also let them play building blocks or clay to arouse their creativity. For gadgets, there are those that encourage interaction and sharpen thinking skills. Once your kids will get a hold of these items, it is almost guaranteed that they will not remove their hands from them ever again (you will need to place limits so that they do not become single focused).

Invite Kids to Watch Educational Shows

Do not allow your children to consume shallow TV shows or movies. Since they are at an age where they could easily pick up what they observe, it is best that you provide shows with positive influences. Avoid adult shows in the guise of kid’s cartoons because these just teach your kids rude manners, sexual innuendos, and violence. Educational shows encourage your children to move and explore different learning possibilities. Kid documentaries are good shows to pique a child’s curiosity. Always remember to first sift through the programs your children watch.

Learning is a perpetual process that even adults should experience on a daily basis. If you encourage your children immerse themselves in the process as early as possible, they will end up being wise persons in the future.



Volunteer Services Book Drives

The WCSD Volunteer Services book drive program, headed by VISTA Oliva Callison, has donated over 100,000.00 books to various schools throughout the Washoe County School District, in Reno, NV, which include:  the Women’s and Children’s Center, several churches, the Resource Center. and the Foster Grandparent’s program who also have volunteers that deliver our books to schools.

Our current book drives this month, Macy’s, RGJ, Grass Roots, Theater Works and Red Cross, all in Reno, NV.


Washoe County School District
Volunteer Services

If you are interested in volunteering for the WCSD please go to:  http://www.washoecountyschools.org/volunteering for call 775-348-0346.

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2014 Summer VISTA’s

This year we have twenty-five Summer VISTAs who will be working for nine weeks during the summer. The Summer VISTAs have been up and running at their assigned schools since June 16th  This year we had twenty-one schools request assistance with tutoring for struggling students and students in credit recovery. These requests included High Schools, Striving Readers Program. ESY, Zoom Program, and the Re-Engagement Center. We are also assisting with Registration the second half of July and August at fifteen schools at all levels of education. Some of the Summer VISTAs are also assisting at the Book Program on Fridays. The Summer VISTAs have been very busy and have been doing a great job thus far. There has been nothing but great things said about their abilities and the assistance they have given.By Christina M. Zuniga
Regents Academic Coordinator


From Superintendent’s Friday Minute

Recently, I had the opportunity to join Dale Erquiaga (Superintendent of Public Instruction) and Dan Klaich (Chancellor of the Nevada System of Higher Education) and participate in the Nevada Ready! Teacher Ambassador Training. Teacher Ambassadors are K-12 educators from throughout Nevada who are media trained and excited to discuss how the Nevada Academic Content Standards are working for Nevada students. The Ambassadors are a critical component of the Nevada Ready! Initiative since teachers are uniquely situated to help disseminate accurate information and answer questions from parents and the public. Nevada Ready! is led by the Nevada Department of Education and the Nevada State Board of Education, and is financially supported by the Nevada Public Education Foundation. It provides information to help educators, students, parents, guardians, community leaders, and others understand the standards of education adopted by the Department and Board. I encourage you to learn more by watching the Nevada Ready! video along with visiting their website, Twitter, and Facebook pages. Understanding how we are using education standards to ensure all our students are ready for success is important.

Next week, I look forward to participating in the Education Research and Development Institute (ERDI) summer conference. ERDI provides both educators and corporate partners the opportunity to establish personal relationships that will foster excellence in education through discussions and inspired creativity to address unmet needs in schools. At the conference, I will join seasoned superintendents from across the U.S. who are leading experts in the field of K-12 education. We will partake in panels where we will be providing candid insight, feedback, and suggestions to companies, helping them create the best solutions for our 21st century learners. It’s a chance for us to comment and shape what goes into the schools we serve.

With thanks for all you do for our children,

Tutor Training



Chili’s Fundraiser

Click on this link to see, print and take to the restaurant with you:  Chili’s Night 2

Or stop by Family School Partnerships at 535 E. Plumb Lane.

Happy Eating!


Washoe County School District
Volunteer Services

If you are interested in volunteering for the WCSD Volunteer Services, please go to:  http://www.washoecountyschools.org/volunteering or call 775-348-0346.

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Tutoring Games: Tips for Making Tutoring Fun

As students progress through school, certain subjects or lessons may prove to be especially tough. If your child needs extra help outside of the classroom, you may want to provide him or her with tutoring at home. No matter the topic, the activities below can be beneficial and enjoyable.

Should I Use Games When Tutoring?

Playing games with kids is a great way to help them practice academic skills, like math facts and phonics. Since games are often fun, interactive and colorful, kids may be more willing to play games than to complete worksheets and other activities. Tutoring is usually limited to one or two hours at a time, so it may be most effective to use games as a review after providing focused lessons and practice problems.

Three Fun Tutoring Activities


Start with a stack of 18 or 24 index cards, depending on how much information you want to cover in the lesson. Then, use a pair of cards to write down corresponding information, such as vocabulary words with matching definitions, states and capitals or math facts.

Flip all the cards face down and place them in three rows of six or eight. You and your child will take turns flipping over two cards at a time. If they match, the player takes both cards and another turn. If there’s no match, it’s the next player’s turn. Once all cards are gone, the player with the most wins.

Peer Review

Editing someone else’s work is great practice for understanding grammatical and structural errors. Just as teachers have students exchange papers for grading in the classroom, you and your child can exchange homework assignments for practice.

Spend 10-15 minutes responding to the same writing prompt. Then, exchange papers and review. If your son or daughter has errors, you can walk through the corrections with him or her. You should also take a look at how your child has corrected your work. If appropriate, you should make mistakes on purpose to see how your son or daughter corrects them.


While Jeopardy is a game, it’s also an effective review tool. If your child has an upcoming exam, this is a great activity to help him or her review. Create your own version of this game by using a poster board and index cards for the categories and questions. Because the game is point-based, it will work best if you’re able to find one or two other family members to participate. Once you’ve got the game set up, follow the same rules as the show. You can act as the moderator, reading questions and awarding points until the end. The player with the highest total is the winner.


Effective Math Tutoring Tips

The following tips are courtesy of Lower Columbia College’s Tutor Training Handbook, George Dennis, Supervisor.

Come prepared
Walking into a tutorial session prepared sends a clear, strong message to the students of the importance and pride you as a tutor place on the upcoming session. It is especially meaningful to follow up with the plan of action, objectives, and goals set during the last tutorial session.
To do this,   tutors model to the student a commitment and enthusiasm by coming prepared. Coming prepared includes:

  • Overcoming personal anxieties

  • Feeling comfortable with the subjects/material

  • Having a positive attitude and utilizing all available resources. \

Five basic steps for assisting math students

Step one:
Always look at the problem in the book. Never trust that a student has set it up correctly. 

Step two:
Ask student to explain the procedure s/he is using to solve the problem. You can troubleshoot and listen for erroneous logic or incorrect procedures at that time. 

Step three: 
Reinforce any correct procedures (e.g. “This part is done correctly”, or “You are target here”.) Then identify incorr4ect logic and ask the student to consider what else s/he might try. You can provide a hint, but avoid explanations until after the student has attempted a guess. (E.g. “When you evaluate an integral, what do you evaluate first, the upper or lower part?”)

Step four: 
To check for understanding have the student re-explain the procedure to you. Avoid asking questions like, “Does that make sense to you?” and “Do you under5stand now?” 

Step five: 
Encourage the student to work the next problem on his/her own, but let him/her know you will check back.  Do not get drawn into working the next problem with an insecure student.  S/he needs to develop the ability to apply what s/he is learning without your supervision.

Five tips for math tutors 

  1. Guide student:
    A math tutor should guide a student through the solution process. Ask the student leading questions that will direct the student towards the correct steps.

    Avoid doing problems for the student.

    If the student cannot get the correct answer and asks for help, the tutor should look at what the student has done and try to locate the error.  Then have the student work a similar problem to make sure he/she has grasped the concept or procedure.

  2. Teach Concepts
    Tutoring goal should be to help students become an independent learner. In mathematics, it is important to teach concepts rather than just processes or procedures.  For example, the tutor should explain why it is important to follow the “order of operations” rule, PEMDAS, rather than just showing the student how to do it.

    Understanding the concepts makes remembering the procedures easier.

  3. Encourage Students to Attend Class
    Some students believe getting help from a tutor  is a substitute for attending class. Students having difficulty in math must realize time spent with a tutor is additional to classroom time.

  4. Address Math Anxiety
    Tutors will deal with students with varying degrees of math anxiety. Tutors should avoid using phrases such as, “this is easy.”  Such phrases intimidate the student. If the student suffers from a high degree of math anxiety it may be helpful to refer the student to a counselor. Sometimes it is helpful to learn about the student’s math background. If the tutor believes the student is enrolled in a course the tutee is not ready for, talk to the instructor.

  5. Don’t Confuse the Student!
    If the tutor is unsure of a mathematical procedure or concept, check with a math instructor. It is helpful to find out what approach the text or instructor is using on a particular problem. A tutor using the same technique as the text or instructor will reinforce the concept or procedure, whereas using a different approach can confuse the student.

    Tutors are strongly encouraged to stay in touch with instructors of the students they work with.



Experience and Benefits of Tutoring

This is a video of several tutors voicing their experience and benefits of tutoring:



Washoe County School District
Volunteer Services

If you are interested in volunteering with the WCSD School District please go to:  http://www.washoecountyschools.org/volunteering or call 775-348-0346.


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Paws 4 Love Radio Interview
with Debbie and Judy

On June 18, 2014 Debbie Harrington and Judy Somers, of Paws 4 Love,  were interviewed at Shamrock Communications of Reno, NV.

IMG_0433     IMG_0434
Debbie Harrington                                                     Judy Somers

These two wonderful volunteers recruiting dogs, train them as therapy dogs.  They are taken to libraries, usually in spring, during literacy week  and to five different schools where K-3rd grade children will read to these attentive dogs.  The dogs will sit and listen, completely non-judgmental and both parties benefit. The child reading actually improves their reading skills and the dogs love the children and the attention.  Teachers from other schools who have observed this program are asking Debbie and Judy to come to their schools.

IMG_0437      IMG_0439      IMG_0440

To hear Debbie’s interview, click here: https://soundcloud.com/raquel89509/Debbie

To hear Judy’s interview, click here: https://soundcloud.com/raquel89509/judys-story


018 - Copy      IMGP2076

Debbie and Judy are looking for more volunteers and dogs of all breads.

Judy and Debbie’s interviews will also be heard on Shamrock’s radio stations:  POP FM 106.3, KNEWSFM 107.3, KRZQ 104.1 and Martini Radio 105.3.

Our thanks to Debbie and Judy for the wonderful volunteer work they’re doing and special thanks to Mr. Rick Carter of Shamrock Communications Reno for recording and airing our interviews.



Studying Tips



Tutoring Advice

1. Students First 
Always put your student’s best interests first. Think about what she really needs, long-term, and find creative ways to serve those needs. Imagine yourself in his or her shoes.

2. Teach Learning, Not Content
Remember the old expression “teach a man to fish…”? Revision: teach a student how to learn, and he will be able to teach himself for a lifetime. For example, if a student says he can’t do a long-division problem, start by coaching him on gathering information from his book or notes, then help him apply this information to the problem. He’ll be more successful next time he’s alone with his math homework.

3. Make the Student Do the Work
You can’t serve a student by doing her work for her. It’s a short-term solution to a long-term problem. Ask the student to explain the problem to you, then keep asking questions. Example: If a student needs help proofreading, first teach a proofreading strategy, then guide her in applying that strategy to her own work.

This piece of tutoring advice is crucial, because if you do your student’s work, even a little, you send the signal that he or she can’t do it. You could do more harm than good.

4. Tailor Your Teaching
The great advantage of tutoring over classroom teaching is your ability to make the material interesting and relevant for that particular student. Find out what her interests are and then use them to shape your lessons. If you’ve got a student who loves video games and is failing English, find a way to connect the heroes of the game to those of Homer, or have the student write about the game. It’ll be fun and productive for both of you.

5. Lead by Example

Let your student know that you were once a student, too. It’s okay to share that you have struggled sometimes, too. Share an appropriate example from your own experience of learning. If you encounter a stumbling block during a session, lead by showing the student how to overcome it. Example: You might say, “I don’t know that word, either. When that happens, I get out my dictionary and look it up. Let’s do it together.”



Have a wonderful weeked!

Washoe County School District
Volunteer Services

If you are interested in volunteering for the Washoe County School District, please go to:  http://www.washoecountyschools.org/volunteering or call 775-348-0346



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Tutor Tip – The Vocabulary Flower

Nice tip, might help you as you tutor your children: 



KRNV News 4 Book Collection & Distribution

On Thursday June 5, 2014, from 8:30 am – 11:30 am the KRNV News 4 Book Collection and Distribution was held at 360 Freeport Blvd, Sparks, NV.

Participating were: Lisa-Marie Lightfoot, Volunteer Services Administrator; Fred Boyd and Mark Curtis, Community Compact and Patty Olmstead, Marketing and Promotions Supervisor of KRNV News 4, along with  Olivia Callison and her dedicated team of Volunteers and Mick Lount, Photos/Reporter.


Patty Olmstead organizes the load in

On this day we were once again indebted to KRNV News 4 for their continued support in the WCSD Volunteer Services Book Drive and Literacy Programs.

Their commitment knows no bounds and, as is usually the case with these ongoing exercises, the first task of the day was to load approximately 150 boxes of donated and purchased books into the truck provided by the News Team and also into private vehicles also provided by the KRNV staff.


Lisa-Marie Lightfoot, VISTA Olivia Callison and Fred Boyle take time out for a photo shoot

Once loaded, the boxes of books were then taken to a distribution point where they will be separated into their approximately 25 different school locations to be personally delivered by the KRNV staff.


VISTA Olivia Callison with friend and volunteers

Our collective and sincere thanks once again go out to all the wonderful volunteers from KRNV News 4 and their associates and we look forward to their continued support throughout 2014.




 Communication Skills While Tutoring

I think this is worth watching to help you while tutoring: 



From Superintendent’s Friday Minute

I am proud to say we truly have highly effective, qualified, and diverse teachers in our District. The following recognitions are just a few examples.  Please join me in congratulating Ryan Linton, one of our fifth grade teachers at Smithridge STEM Academy, who was awarded the Barrick Gold’s Golden Apple Teacher of the Year award for his excellence in teaching. What makes this award even more special is Ryan was nominated for this award by his students and peers.  Also, big congratulations to Jan Howell-Hrindo (Incline Middle School) and Conrad Peterson (McQueen High School) for being awarded the Sandra A. Daugherty Outstanding Science Teacher Award. This award honors middle school and high school teachers whose teaching and mentoring inspire excitement and understanding about science among their students, and who introduce their students to the potential of a career in science or the health professions. Great job by everyone!

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of interviewing a few of our exceptional students who recently graduated and are on such a successful path. This emotionally filled SuperCast session is full of positive achievements is genuinely one of my favorites. I hope you enjoy watching it.

With thanks for all you do for our children,


Washoe County School District
Volunteer Services

To learn more about Volunteer Opportunities with WCSD please go to: http://www.washoecountyschools.org/volunteering  or call: 775-348-0346.



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 The White House Science Fair

Sounds like a summer blockbuster to us!


Pres. Obama announces Stem AameriCorps expansion

At today’s White House Science Fair, President Obama announced a major expansion of STEM AmeriCorps.

A new summer program will place 256 AmeriCorps VISTA members in six states who will serve 18,000 at-risk students in low-performing schools.

Another new partnership with US2020 and Citizen Schools will support 25 AmeriCorps VISTA members serving in seven cities to increase STEM opportunities for girls, underrepresented minorities, and children from low-income families.

These expansions build on existing partnerships with FIRST, Maker Education Initiative, Citizen Schools, Teach for America, and other organizations.

Altogether, hundreds of AmeriCorps members engage tens of thousands of students in STEM learning — building ladders of opportunity and helping our nation compete for the jobs and industries of the future.


AmeriCorps VISTA members with Valerie Jarrett

AmeriCorps VISTA members with Valerie Jarrett

 Two AmeriCorps VISTA members had a front seat for all the action: Danielle Owens (left), who serves with Maker Education Initiative in Culver City, CA; and Lauren Sadler (right), from US FIRST in Washington, D.C.  After walking through the exhibits and hearing the President, they met with Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to the President (center).(They also got to meet other special guests… including this science guy!)

While all this was happening, our experts hit the lab to have some fun with the periodic table… check it out on Facebook.

AmeriCorps, National and Community Service



Junior League of Reno Inc. Charitable Donations  &

Liberty Wheelchair Swing Dedication


On Saturday May 31, 2014, the Junior League of Reno Charitable Donations and Liberty Wheelchair Swing Dedication was held from 11:00 am – 1 pm at the Dick Taylor Memorial Park, 1301 Valley Road, Reno, NV.

Participating were  Julee M. Conway, MBA, CPRP, Director Parks, Recreation & Community Services along with Junior League of Reno Inc. Staff Members and VISTA’s Jennifer Bullock & Mick Lount, Photos/Reporter.


On this day the Junior League of Reno commemorated its 35th anniversary with a free event at Inspiration Station located at the Dick Taylor Memorial Park.


Cutting the ribbon to the liberty chair dedication.


Inspiration Station was officially opened in 2013 after nearly five years of fundraising and developing community partnerships. The playground has proven beneficial for families and children with limited accessibility.

086    076    087

The League also unveiled a new wheelchair swing to provide additional mobility options for children and parents. And to celebrate 35 years of giving, non-profit organizations throughout the region will receive up to $35,000 in grant funds from the League’s Community Enrichment Fund.

Julee M Conway, MBA, CPRP - Director of Parks, Recreation & Community Services

Julee M Conway, MBA, CPRP – Director of Parks, Recreation & Community Services

Mission Statement:
The Junior League of Reno Inc. is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.

095   101

On hand to receive a grant made payable to the Washoe County School District for $5,940 was VISTA Jennifer Bullock who was delighted and extremely appreciative of such a generous gesture.


The grant will go towards the First Teacher Training Program which will develop face-to-face training and web based electronic training tools in English and Spanish to support learning at home in Pre K-12th grades.

The intent is to encourage and enable family engagement in the learning process so that the parents will be able to understand what is necessary for the student to accomplish.

Even if they have a limited education or low attainment in the English language, this program will enable them to follow the curriculum and this will also help parents identify resources, vitally important for the middle and high school grades.


From Superintendent’s Friday Minute

I am so proud to announce that Brian Williams from the Think Kindness non-profit organization visited Stead Elementary School this week to spread the news that they won the Think Kindness challenge and that Stead Elementary is the kindest school in America! I commend these thoughtful, giving students, parents, and staff of Stead Elementary along with their surrounding community for coming together and doing something for the greater good. Stead Elementary School collected more than 2,400 pairs of shoes for the children of Kenya so that they can attend school. In addition, students performed acts of kindness, wrote down their information on small slips of paper, and created a half-mile long “chain” of kindness at their school.



You learn something every day if you pay attention.
By:  Ray LeBlond



Washoe County School District
Volunteer Services

To learn more about Volunteer Opportunities with WCSD please go to:  http://www.washoecountyschools.org/volunteering  or call: 775-348-0346.

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WCSD Volunteer Services Movie

Watch our movie on YouTube!   Filmed by Tim Ill of TMCC and narrated by Victoria Campbell, WCSD Communications: 



 Honors Academy of Literature Book Processing

On Thursday May 22, 2014,  from 8:30 am – 12 noon the Honors Academy of Literature Book Processing event was held at on: 380 Edison Way, Reno, NV.

VISTA participating were Olivia Callison, & Mick Lount, Photos/Reporter, along with Honors Academy Librarian, Shar Murphy


The Cleaning Commences

At the suggestion of VISTA Mick Lount, VISTA Olivia Callison contacted the Librarian at The Honors Academy of Literature, Shar Murphy to inquire as to whether she would be interested in recruiting a group of scholars to participate in a volunteer event that involved the cleaning, categorizing and sorting of donated and purchased books which would then be distributed to schools within the Washoe County School District area.

Shar was only too eager to accept and soon organized a dedicated and willing group of scholars who, on this day, descended on the Edison Way Warehouse facility to lend their numerous talents and enthusiasm to the task on hand.


Busy Hands Make Light Work

Honors Academy Mission Statement:  “Our mission is to offer a differentiated curriculum that supports education equity through consistent learning and growth, to enliven a love of learning and educational discovery through the exploration of children’s literature and to provide all students a foundation for excellence in education upon which to build success in future learning.”

When asked what the scholars hoped to learn from their volunteer experience, the unanimous response was that they were elated to do public service.   A fine sentiment indeed and one that we hope will stay with them throughout the educational and professional lives.


Mike Kapala (Light Duty) & Rosa White (Parent Volunteer) lend a hand


Shar Murphy w/Robert Ramos (Parent Volunteer) & VISTA Olivia Callison

159          Crest
Shar Murphy with some of her delightful Scholars




Tumblr Goes to The White House


Get Ready!

We’re excited to announce that today, at 4:00pm ET, President Obama will take to Tumblr to answer your questions about education, college affordability, and reducing student loan debt.

Getting a higher education is the single-most important investment students can make in their own futures. At the same time, it’s never been more expensive. That’s why since taking office, the President has made historic investments to make college more affordable – and it’s why he’s inviting you to join today’s conversation about the issue.

Making college more accessible is a goal we share at CNCS.  Over the past 20 years, we have supported more than 830,000 AmeriCorps members who have earned $2.7 billion in Segal AmeriCorps Education Awards to help pay for college or pay back student loans.  


Hundreds of AmeriCorps members across the country are helping students achieve their dreams of a college education by mentoring them in selecting courses, preparing college applications, applying  for financial aid, and more.So tune in to whitehouse.tumblr.com at 4:00 p.m. ET today to watch President Obama’s first-ever Tumblr Q&A, and join the conversation on any platform with #ObamaIRL. We’ll be live-tweeting from @nationalservice


From Superintendent’s Friday Minute

Because everybody who works for the Washoe County School District brings their time, talent, and energy to their work, our District continues to advance along the path from good to great. Each of you provides resources that help us bring the best of ourselves to our children, and you offer a variety of talents to our mission to provide the best education to every child. You are devoted to working with our parents/guardians, providing nutritious meals, safely transporting our children to and from school, ensuring our schools are safe, counseling our students, keeping buildings and facilities clean, supporting our children academically in and out of the classroom spending many hours each day so that our students are successful  in their studies and their young lives. Someday, these same children will lead our community, state, and nation: The lessons they learn from us now will have a significant impact on our future.

I am grateful for your hard work, I share your commitment, and I am proud to work alongside you for the benefit of all of our children. It has been a busy year for all of us, and I hope the summer months offer plenty of time for you to rest and enjoy time with your families and friends.



Washoe County School District
Volunteer Services


To learn more about Volunteer Opportunities with WCSD please go to:  http://www.washoecountyschools.org/volunteering or call 775-348-0346.


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